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Not Doing Web Video Yet?


Not Doing Web Video Yet? Miss the boat at your peril, because time is of the essence in the M&E, HVAC and FM world and your ideal customer doesn’t have the time to read your beautifully written article. They would much rather watch a quick video which gets to the heart of the matter.

in the broader Building

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Rising Use Of Video by Contractors

Contractors are now starting to see the benefit of Web Video
Previously, there has often been skepticism by HVAC Contractors about the benefit that video can bring to their Businesses, and often that’s often because they are just too busy to devote time to doing it. Furthermore, they think it’s expensive because they have to hire

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Ideas for HVAC Web Videos


We aren’t alone when it comes to beating the drum about using web videos in their Businesses, but in the HVAC and FM world they seem few and far between, and thats often because many Businesses struggle to decide what to produce a video about and the (false perception) of high Costs involved. Our Page

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Small Business Video Marketing

Web Video Marketing for Small Business has been written about many times before, but despite this it’s still hugely underused as a Marketing tactic – especially by Building Services, M&E, HVAC and FM Businesses. But why?
This article looks at some reasons why and explains how easy it is and why you should include Small Business Video Marketing into

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69% of all Internet Traffic to be Video


I’m going to apologise right up front! I’ve been bleating on about the use and application of Videos in the M&E, HVAC and FM arenas for some time now. I’m writing this as it’s far too important for you to not see what is going to happen to your Businesses in 2017. You are going

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Contractors Need to use Video

Consumers have the power when it comes to researching who they will choose to work in their home and Contractors need to use Video as it’s is now the preferred research tool
There is now undisputed proof that 67% of Consumers will watch an on-line video about “How to” fix, repair, install” things to do with

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