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Facebook for HVAC Businesses – Does it work?




Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years you can’t fail to have heard and read about how Facebook have developed their Social Media product into a serious money making machine, and that is because of the success and lower cost of their paid advertising model, which has been targeting Businesses.

Who […]

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Things not to do on Linkedin

Construction & Maintenance Contractors always use LinkedIn as a great research tool, and when used correctly LinkedIn can be a goldmine of qualified leads. But as it becomes more widely used plenty of small Businesses are using it incorrectly.
The infographic below from Top Dog Social Media explains LinkedIn etiquette and details 10 things you shouldn’t […]

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Boring Content Won’t Attract Businesses to your HVAC Blog

Writing and hosting an HVAC blog is pointless if nobody reads it. Worse still is if your potential HVAC customers read it and find it’s lacking in any quality content that is of benefit to them. The simple fact is boring content won’t attract businesses to your HVAC blog. However on the flip side, a blog […]

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Go Fishing in the LinkedIn pond

If you operate your Business in the M&E/HVAC sector as either a Manufacturer, Distributor, Agent or Contractor then you should probably know the importance of having a great profile and presence on LinkedIn. In fact the best place to find new customers is to Go fishing in the LinkedIn pond.

The simple fact is the majority of […]

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Facebook takes on LinkedIn

There is a new “kid on the block!” Shock horror! Who is it?

Well actually it might come as a surprise to many especially those over at LinkedIn. It’s called Facebook at Work. Brilliant I hear the bosses saying! It’s hard enough keeping most of my employees off of Facebook, let alone encourage even more personal […]

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Facebook trials new Professional Services section

New Service helps to find high-rated businesses with reviews too

We have just heard about a new service that Facebook has not officially been launched yet, but looks like it’s coming. It’s a bit under the radar at the moment but looks like it’s on trial in the US. It’s called “Facebook Professional Services” , where […]

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Get More Blog Readers – Top Tips to get People to Read your Blog



Looking for ways to get more blog readers? Want some proven tried and tested techniques that will increase your readership and subscribers at the same time?

Developing and writing great content that your customers want to read is a basic part of running a successful web blog, however unless you have one particularly wll wriiten and […]

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Using Linkedin to Market your Business

LinkedIn is more than just a social network that allows you to connect with other users. It’s also a powerful system to find the right people in the right companies that you want to connect with.
When used correctly it can provide you with a goldmine of information that can really benefit your business.
The infographic below […]

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Learn the right way in using Hashtags in social media

Hashtags are a great way to improve your social media updates to an audience beyond even your direct followers. In fact, statistics show that tweets with hashtags receive double the engagement of tweets that don’t. It’s important to learn the right way in using hashtags in social media. For those who don’t really know […]

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Twitter Basics: Successful Twitter Tips

OK so you’ve joined Twitter, completed your profile and added cover photos and started to follow a few accounts. What next? What are the successful twitter tips you can offer so you can start talking to the Twitterverse! But how do you do that successfully using only 140 characters?
The infographic below from EZAds123 gives you […]

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