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Marketing HVAC Services Locally in 2019

The constant challenge for Local HVAC contractors is maintaining a balance of getting new sales leads and servicing those regular clients who provide a steady flow of new opportunities for installing HVAC equipment.

Traditionally HVAC Businesses are managed by owners that have traditionally been “hands-on” and therefore have little or no experience in marketing HVAC services

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How Important Is SEO To Your Business?

How Important Is SEO To Your Business?
This is an updated article that we originally published in February 2018 as we wanted to explain more about SEO and reach a wider audience. In addition there are some changes that affect local M&E/HVAC and FM Businesses.

So before diving in, firstly you need to understand where your

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Are You Being Successful At A Local Level?

How do you think your Business is performing at a local level? It’s a bit of a loaded question, as I probably already know the answer. Most Building Services Contractors and M&E, HVAC and FM Businesses operate at a local or regional level and usually within a 30 mile radius of their office.

It makes

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Getting your Contracting Business on Google Maps

How is it that some Contractors get listed on Google Maps and you don’t?
It’s a common question. How can I get my Local Contracting Business on Google Maps? You probably know that Google uses it’s Maps product to display some Local results closest to where you are as well as the paid and organic results.

You have probably

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Why bother Blogging?

Why Bother Blogging? – Whats the Purpose?


Let’s be honest. Do you think anyone is going to read your M&E, HVAC or FM website blog so they can learn about your specialist M&E equipment HVAC installations or Facilities Maintenance services? Do they have a ready made list of technical questions they want answering before they are ready to

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You MUST Get Customer Reviews


My Dad used to get a local Plumber to fix any water leaks that he couldn’t do himself, and finding (a plumber) that was any good was all done by word of mouth recommendation. Whilst this still happens to some extent most people now turn to Google to check tradespeople for their ability to the

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Web Marketing or Traditional ads?



There is a lot to be said for the leaps and bounds made by Internet marketers and how they have helped Home Service Businesses grow. Potential Customers can now check out service providers like never before. Put simply if someone has an idea for an improvement, Google it and you’ll get an answer – all in no time at

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Local Contractor Reviews

Do you remember the days (not so long ago) when you needed someone to fix something in your home or Business?

We all used to have the big fat Yellow Pages and the not so fat smaller competitor Thomson Local and we would thumb through the pages of plumbers adverts – or whatever tradesman you needed to

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Your Potential Customers don’t believe you

Customer reviews have been increasingly used – especially by consumers and businesses to evaluate you and your business as suitable and trustworthy to work in their homes or business. However many businesses make some simple mistakes. More concerning are the number of HVAC and related business that have no review or testimonial strategy at all


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Facebook trials new Professional Services section

New Service helps to find high-rated businesses with reviews too

We have just heard about a new service that Facebook has not officially been launched yet, but looks like it’s coming. It’s a bit under the radar at the moment but looks like it’s on trial in the US. It’s called “Facebook Professional Services” , where

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