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What’s the IOT fuss all about?













So we are being told that the M&E/HVAC world is going to change forever and at a massively fast pace. Manufacturers are building in the technology into their equipment and straight away.

It can be be confusing when looking at the use and application when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT), with so many products and […]

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Should you Outsource or Not?

When you own or are a senior person in an M&E/HVAC business, it’s common that have your fingers in multiple aspects of running your business. You regularly get involved in every function and process. Your’e out on the tools, Your’e supervising an Installation, You organise materials and labour. You do the book keeping. You’re in charge of sales. You […]

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How to Market your M&E Website


Marketing – Sounds Easy! Guess what? -Most M&E/HVAC businesses haven’t got have a clue.

Well that’s probably aggravated a few people! Let me explain my reasoning.

So what exactly is Marketing in the broad sense? It’s the action or business of promoting and selling products or services.

Let’s expand on that even further: the bottom line of M&E/HVAC marketing, is about […]

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Marketing Tips for Local Contractors

In Summer it’s a time for many businesses to implement Commercial property improvement projects. For local trades contractors this also means it’s a great season tor win local business.

For Partitioning Contractors, HVAC, Electricians, Heating Contractors, Ventilation Contractors, BMS, and many others, this is the time of year when getting to the top of the […]

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The Marketing Problems Facing Construction Businesses

Construction Industry Marketing problems
One of the biggest Marketing problems facing Construction businesses in the coming years is getting enough sales leads and enough sales lead generation through their marketing efforts.
Does this sound like your business?
Construction and Facilities businesses are notoriously poor in their marketing – mainly because they react to market conditions i.e. they […]

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Can small M&E Businesses compete?

How small M&E Businesses compete on-line with BIG Companies…
The simplest and most obvious way is through Search Engine Optimisation. SEO can be difficult, but it’s not complicated, if it’s done properly.

However you (or your Marketing agency) do need to focus time on it. Furthermore spending hours of hard work on it isn’t every small […]

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Using LinkedIn for Sales Prospecting

Using LinkedIn for Sales Prospecting
If you view your LinkedIn account as just a networking Database, then you’re not using LinkedIn properly.

The best performing sales professionals use LinkedIn to find potential client leads and connect with them in a way that benefits them hugely.

As there are now 75% of B2B buyers using social media to help […]

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Why General Business Marketing doesn’t work – and how to fix it

The biggest problem with non-specialist General Business web marketing is that it just doesn’t work if you are a speciality niche Business – such as A/C, Refrigeration, Lift/Escalator, Fire, Security etc.
Instead of creating new sales leads and generating business growth, general web marketing agencies and designers are more interested in trying to make your website […]

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Internet Marketing for Contractors Pt 2

Why Internet Marketing for Contractors is important for M&E, HVAC, Refrigeration and all other Construction or Maintenance businesses.

In Part 1 of Our Post which you can view here we talked about the different options available to you and the importance of getting a Google Maps listing. In this post we will be looking further […]

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SEO for Business – the right and the wrong way

SEO or (Search Engine Optimisation) has long been the recommended way to optimise your web site through a variety of factors to get you as high as possible on to the search engines.
With Google’s search rankings and on-line visibility being part of the melting pot, which brands rank better than others and the benefits and […]

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