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Email Marketing from start to finish

Learn How To Win Construction Industry or Facilities Contracts, Even If You’re Completely New To Email Marketing

If I had to give up every marketing tool in my armoury – apart from one – the one I would keep would be email marketing.

Without a doubt.

Ask any successful professional or business person what the most important element […]

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Month 2 Project 2 Host Beneficiary Seminars

Month 2: Host Beneficiary Seminars

Implementation Project 2: Host Beneficiary Seminars.

Running seminars is a brilliant way of showcasing your expertise and building relationships with a large number of potential clients at once.

The big catch, however, is getting enough people to show up. Unless you’re an established business with a big contact base it can be tremendously […]

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Search Engine Misconceptions

Some popular SEO misconceptions explained.
Nov 2013
On-line marketing – SEO (search engine optimisation) in particular – is a very dynamic industry and, at times, difficult to understand.

A friend who knows about websites will tell you something different to what you have read on-line, which is completely contradicting something you’re told by a professional SEO company!

With such […]

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If your’e in Construction you need to know about Content Marketing

Content Marketing – What is it and Where do you Start?
I’m going to explain the importance of Content Marketing especially if you are involved with Constructing or Maintaining commercial property. However before I do that I came across this great post by US based marketing expert, Heidi Cohen which covers the topic in great […]

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Making Your Construction based Web Content Interesting!

Your website Content bores me!

You know what? If you are into marketing, then you would know that good quality web site CONTENT IS VITAL! But, does your web content inspire awe or make me yawn and send me off your site and go elsewhere? I’ve got some advice to pump up that boring content and […]

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Construction Industry Blogging – Part 3

How to Win Business with your Blog – Creating valuable Content

OK, so we understand how a blog can build your credibility and establish your personality. And we’ve figured out what we’re going to focus on.

But what on earth do we write about? Where do all the ideas come from?

Well, when you start up your blog, […]

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1st Project Month 1 Resurrecting Old Clients

Month 1: Contact Resurrection

Contact Resurrection


Implementation Project 1: Resurrecting old contacts to win new clients.

Your best source of new clients can be your old contacts. This first implementation project gives you a step by step approach to reconnecting and re-establishing relationships with those contacts. Click on the file below to learn more


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Only 32.3% of Companies have an Integrated Content Marketing Strategy

An Integrated Content Marketing Strategy is the surest step to success.
If you enjoyed our chat with Dave Chaffey from Smart Insights on steps to content marketing success, you might also enjoy this infographic from Smart Insights.
The research which went in to producing this infographic is taken from surveying 2,688 marketers based in Europe. Overall it […]

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Creating Customer Loyalty

Creating Customer Loyalty In Your Small M&E Maintenance Business
Keeping a consistent and reliable M&E loyal customer base is one of the most important tactics available to business owners, however many businesses overlook this vital process in creating customer loyalty. It costs three times more to acquire a new customer compared to the cost for retaining […]

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Coffee shop marketing

All businesses rely on repeat business (especially if they are in a local service environment) and they must regularly remind their customers that they still exist and are still the ones to do business with.
You have to keep telling them you love them, especially in a highly competitive market – like a coffee shop!
Now you […]

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