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Rubbish Website Content


There’s nothing worse than a contractors website that has very poor or basic content (The words written on each web page). In fact what doesn’t help either is that many contractors websites are very basic with only a few pages i.e. (Home, About, Services, Contact)

Often the “Content” to fill up these pages is provided by […]

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Marketing Overload

Do you ever look at your sales pipeline and go into marketing overload when you think about what you need to do to fill it?
You’re not alone.
You look at how many new clients you need to bring in to hit your targets and then you try to think about how you’re going to do it, […]

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Selling to Corporate clients

Top of the list of dreams for many small M&E contractors and other facilities specialists is to win lucrative work with big corporate clients.
A few decent sized projects can keep your business very healthy for a long time.
The problem is when selling to corporate clients – those lucrative large contracts can be very difficult to […]

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B2B – Most effective lead generation

We are not Surprised!
While ‘inbound’ marketing has been all the rage, and many young inexperienced marketers think sales & outbound sales are irrelevant…
the reality is that my research fits with my own experience, – while inbound and many other kinds of effective lead generation methods are important, and complementary – outbound prospecting is the best […]

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What is SEO for Contractors: How does it work & Why it Matters

We talk about SEO (search engine optimisation) a lot on our site,in fact it’s an integral part of the growth of your Construction Contracting or Speciality Facilities Maintenance business to help you grow from a one man band in the spare room to an actual company with an office and employees. But what is […]

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Most Common Business Development challenges

I often get asked, “what’s the most common business development challenges you frequently incur?”
Out of all the potential issues, not having enough leads is by far the one I see the most frequently amongst all business types. And it’s also the most frustrating one.
When I’m having initial discussions with potential clients, almost half of them […]

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How Long Will It Take to See Results From Blog Posts?

We all get impatient when we don’t get immediate results from things. Rather like the overweight and ever hopeful serial dieter and gym goer denouncing their workout after the scales showed no weight loss after just a few visits.

Contractors who are writing Business blogs are often impatient in a similar manner.
“Where’s all the flipping visitors […]

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Google Ranking Factors 2013 – the complete list of 200

SEO online success is very complex and difficult to grasp for us mere mortals in Facilities Maintenance and Construction, especially for non-web techy’s (most of us). In other words, for a new web site owner it’s so complex that it takes a long time to understand and learn all the little things that search engines, […]

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Online Marketing Strategy Basics

Online marketing strategy has changed substantially in the past few years. When Google released their so called Panda and Penguin algorithm updates (very technical but important), many website owners watched in horror as they watched their site’s rank slip.
However not all web marketers found Google’s updates to be that devastating. Those who built a strong […]

The Content you should be creating to boost your web position

At this time where you are finalising your new web site, probably one of the most important factors to consider is where your web site will rank on Google or Bing and the ultimately the number of potential new enquiries you will receive.

One of the major factors Google uses to determine where to rank […]

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