Airborne Spread of Covid-19

With the recent announcement by the WHO that there seems to be confirmation of the Airborne spread of Covid-19 as well as from touching surfaces, hands etc, it begs the question about how to mitigate the spread from person to person especially in indoor environments.

As we said recently in our article about safe building reoccupation

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Struggling to Sell during the Pandemic?

During this ongoing COVID-19 battle, we know that many M&E Businesses are struggling to sell during the pandemic, and that your regular products and services may not be earning the revenue they used to. Equally many M&E Businesses are failing to adapt and some will ultimately fail.

I would prefer to be giving you these Business

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Taking Mobile Payments

Taking Mobile Payments


There’s no getting away from the fact that Business are making a huge shift to the use of mobile technology in every aspect of our busy lives, and that includes the need for Businesses to be quick and agile and also ensuring that the cash flows in.

Whilst some Businesses use standard off the

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Marketing HVAC Services Locally in 2019

The constant challenge for Local HVAC contractors is maintaining a balance of getting new sales leads and servicing those regular clients who provide a steady flow of new opportunities for installing HVAC equipment.

Traditionally HVAC Businesses are managed by owners that have traditionally been “hands-on” and therefore have little or no experience in marketing HVAC services

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Webinars in HVAC Businesses

Why Webinars in HVAC Businesses are Rarely used.
Many senior HVAC managers in HVAC and other Building Services Business have attended a webinar of some sort, most of which are usually based around some particular issue around running their Business, whether that is on HR, Finance, Sales or Marketing. What we don’t understand however is why

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IOT in HVAC and M&E Applications

IOT in HVAC and M&E Applications


IOT is all the rage and is being rolled out across many different industries and applications and some OEM manufacturers are incorporating the smart communication capabilities that IOT offers across a number of wide and varied devices from Hand Driers to Trains, but what about IOT in HVACR and M&E

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Saving Energy with Solar Cooling

As busy Facilities Managers you’re always under pressure to save Energy in your Commercial property – right? Equally if you are an HVACR contractor you are always looking for tried and trusted ways to guarantee to save energy in their building(s)

You’ve probably installed (or considering) LED lighting, optimised the equipment run times, set-up your BMS

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Using IOT in HVAC Applications

Using IOT in HVAC Applications

Much has been said about IOT in recent times and often there is confusion around the benefits of using IOT in HVAC applications. Marketing 4 IOT HVAC Monitoring is a seamless Building Monitoring Solution that connects dumb items of M&E and HVACR equipment – such as Pumps, Water tanks, Air Conditioners,

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Proving Your Expertise

You already know your abilities and your expertise, however your Customers don’t. You need to think about proving your expertise to them. After all your customers need to trust you and your ability to fix their problems. If you have got genuine reviews where they can see what other customers have written then that goes

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Getting the MD Off the Tools

When an M&E contractor decides to grasp the nettle and launch their own M&E business, probably the most important activity at that time is getting the work done by being on the tools themselves. Doing the work and getting paid is definitely the best ROI. Anything the fledgeling solopreneur can do to start generating positive

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