Are you being successful at a local level

How do you think your Business is performing at a local level? It’s a bit of a loaded question, as I probably already know the answer. Most Building Services Contractors and M&E, HVAC and FM Businesses operate at a local or regional level and usually within a 30 mile radius of their office.

It makes little difference whether you are a supplier or an installer or Maintenance Contractor. However most lose out to the larger National Businesses who have extensive Branch networks with local teams.

The reasons are simple. They don’t undertake any form of local promotion or marketing. They don’t promote themselves sufficiently to match the needs of the person carrying out some research on potential Businesses. As consumers ourselves we nearly always “Check Out” local Businesses.

If we can’t find any local ones with good reviews, helpful articles, fresh relevant useful content, then by default we will pick the larger more helpful ones, and with most people undertaking that research on their mobiles if you haven’t done your SEO properly then you have to ask yourself, are you being successful at a local level? If not then you won’t appear in the search results.

The other reasons why Businesses fail comes down to trust. How does the website visitor know you are capable of doing the work or supplying the goods? Have you got good reviews, Case Studies and Testimonials? Without a doubt the National Businesses will have those in spades.

This is a particularly useful post that goes into detail about what you must do if you want to compete and win local Business. Although it has been written mainly about Retail, the same principles apply if you are a Supplier of Goods or Services in the M&E/HVAC world.

This article was written by Chris Gunn an expert in Business Growth Consulting and Marketing in Building Services, M&E, HVAC and Facilities Maintenance. He has worked previously for Carrier, Dunham Bush, PFMS and Acorn Maintenance Engineering at Senior level.