Doctors with Facemasks

With the recent announcement by the WHO that there seems to be confirmation of the Airborne spread of Covid-19 as well as from touching surfaces, hands etc, it begs the question about how to mitigate the spread from person to person especially in indoor environments.

As we said recently in our article about safe building reoccupation many Building Occupants are anxious and worried about returning to their workplaces and whether its safe and secure especially in a sealed building.

It seems that the wearing of face masks in Shops is more likely, but maybe we should be doing the same in enclosed offices too?

Much has been written about the benefits of AHU mounted UV-C lamps and other duct mounted Air Purification systems, however only 1 or 2 (Air Purifier) units can and have been proven to kill the Virus.

Therefore it would seem logical that given the relative low cost of the units that this is a route worthwhile pursuing. Additionally these same manufacturers also manufacture portable and local surface mounted fixed systems which can kill the virus in small areas too, so they are also worth pursuing.

As we now know that the virus is airborne too, the surely Landlords, Managing Agents and FM/M&E Contractors should all be looking to consider offering these to their customers?

This article further supports the whole issue, and although somewhat technical it really does help to show what we all should be doing. You can read it here

Only when those who are worried entering a potentially dangerous environment will they feel safe and then Business can really bring back their employees from furlough and therefore the economy will start to recover.

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