There is currently great interest in Air Purification especially as it helps put people’s minds at rest when it comes to building occupation, and this may be of interest now is COVID has put wellbeing and environmental conditions to the forefront of discussions and many Businesses are reviewing the performance of their environments.

Government Ventilation Requirements can make complying difficult for many Businesses, especially if it means a potentially expensive bill to make the recommended Ventilation changes, and expense that many can ill afford to pay, such as many struggling Business and schools.

COVID transmission can be linked back to air ventilation and filtration which can be linked back to CO2 levels.

This Reference article below outlines the correlation:


The most cost effective and least disruptive proven solution is Air Purification. This is simple because no changes need to be made to AHU ductwork, Heat recovery/recirculation configurations.

There are basically 2 different product types available and therefore to make it easy for you, I’ve broken down the best options when discussing installing systems into Air Handling units or ducting connected to them. Aside from the obvious need to kill Covid-19, there are many numerous additional benefits that Air Purifiers offer

The first product is a complete unit that combines UV-C and Air Oxidisation, known as the Reme Halo LED. The units are available in different sizes depending on the size of the AHU/Ductwork system that they need to purify and can be mounted in either the AHU or Ductwork depending on space available.

Reme Halo LED

The second option is the well proven UV-C system. There are multiple manufacturers of these systems, as they have been around for many years. They are available as either AHU mounted versions (as per the main image at the top of the page, or via duct mounted units downstream of the AHU.

Units also come in many sizes and also mount into either AHU or ductwork, and both this and the Halo system need a survey to be carried out to determine what size, quantity of units, power supply available and installation location.

This video explains the benefits of the UV-C system


Both systems are available to connect to 3rd part IoT Indoor Air Quality monitoring systems as well as to Building Management System (BMS).

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