Chris Gunn - Sales Lead GenerationBringing more Sales leads, turning them into orders & providing unique Specialist Products

You might not know much about us. Established by Chris Gunn in 2013 with over 40 years in HVAC Sales & Marketing for many of the worlds most well known HVAC Equipment Manufacturers and Contractors.

Specialising in helping smaller specialist HVAC Manufacturers and Contractors grow their businesses through proven tried and tested systems.

What we do

We Bring you New Pricing opportunities and help turn them into orders. Supplying Specialist M&E Products

We know what it takes for even the least confident Business Owner to become highly effective at Marketing and Sales. 

We provide 2 Distinct Services:

  1. A Full Done for You service. Let us do all the Heavy Lifting. We find the opportunities chase them down & turn them into Enquiries. We prepare the quote with you, write the proposals, handle all the follow-ups and turn them into orders.
  2. We Train You How to do it. Rather than outsourcing it all, many Business owners and managers prefer to do things themselves – without employing someone and at their own pace. We now have a PAYG on demand Sales & Marketing Training programme. Bite sized modules that you can access depending on your skill/knowledge. 

Most Our Customers operate locally. Which means that your customers are conducting either specialist or local searches based upon your service offerings. i.e. Chiller Repairs Nottingham. Bottom line if someone was to Google your product/service in your City or Town would you get found?

Speciality Products

As well as the services detailed above, we also market some unique products specifically aimed at FM & HVAC Businesses. See Product pages

With Small Business Help and Business Support from our team at Marketing 4 Contractors you can accelerate your small business growth by hooking into my knowledge and experience.

In the last 30 years my team and I have helped to to build several small businesses into multi-million pound businesses so I know a thing or two about making HVAC business growth work!

For a Frank – Honest and straight to the point evaluation of your Business, get in touch today. Call me on 01252 413596 or 07894 204666I promise I won’t bite!