Hi We are Marketing 4 Contractors and we guarantee you more Sales leads with our Marketing systems for M&E Businesses

You might not know much about us. But in the past 40 years we’ve done the walk and talked the talk in Sales and Marketing for many of the worlds largest M&E Equipment Manufacturers, Distributors and Contractors in Construction & Building Maintenance Businesses right here in the UK, as well as helping smaller specialist contractor and supplier businesses develop their operations.

During that time we have won all types of contracts from M&E maintenance to full Facilities Contracts ranging from £2K to £2 million as well as selling new HVACR, Controls and Energy Management  equipment for several manufacturers whether on new build or refurbishments.

You see, we are a small business just like you. Wehave had my fair share of sleepless nights worrying about cash flow, tax,overheads & staff… we know just what it feels like to be in business because we have been there and done it and got the t-shirt… MANY TIMES!

We are Sales and Marketers, always responsible for growing businesses. In truth, we are far from  natural salespeople – in fact it was something of a nasty surprise to me when we realised early on in our careers that in order to progress and do the kind of work we were interested in, we would need to sell –  So suddenly it was a case of Oh Crap How will we do that!

But through study, experience, and having some of the best colleagues in the field as my mentors, we’ve learned what it takes for even the most reluctant of professionals to become highly effective at Marketing and Sales – and that’s what we now do for our clients.

Our business now is helping specialist M&E Businesses (Chiller & A/C, Boiler, Lift, Fire Alarm etc.) whether in Construction or Maintenance and established or start-up micro-businesses. Since leaving the corporate world,  we’ve been amazed at the depth of talent, knowledge, experience and passion for clients in the Construction and Facilities businesses that we’ve met.

However we’ve also seen how many of these businesses have failed, are struggling or failing to live up to their potential simply because they haven’t “cracked” Sales and Marketing. we’ve made it our mission to help these firms escape from being the “best kept secret” in their field and to get the clients, recognition and rewards they deserve.

This Business website is the UK’s only Specialist M&E Maintenance & Construction Marketing Organisation Dedicated to Helping specialist Businesses Grow.

With Small Business Help and Business Support with real Business Growth from Marketing 4 Contractors you can accelerate your small business growth by hooking into my knowledge. In the last 30 years I have helped to build several multi-million pound businesses so I know a thing or two about making business growth work!

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