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Monthly Archives: April 2017

No one is searching for your Products


This is the sort of thing we see every day. Business waste thousands only to find out that no one is searching for your Products. It happens every day and is not exclusive to Google ether. LinkedIn, Twitter and other platforms that offer Paid advertising also offer Products that no one is interested in. So let […]

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Ideas for HVAC Web Videos


We aren’t alone when it comes to beating the drum about using web videos in their Businesses, but in the HVAC and FM world they seem few and far between, and thats often because many Businesses struggle to decide what to produce a video about and the (false perception) of high Costs involved. Our Page […]

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Facebook for HVAC Businesses – Does it work?




Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years you can’t fail to have heard and read about how Facebook have developed their Social Media product into a serious money making machine, and that is because of the success and lower cost of their paid advertising model, which has been targeting Businesses.

Who […]

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Bad Habits of HVAC Sales People


OK to be fair these bad habits aren’t just exclusive to HVAC Sales people. The problem lies with the individual Sales People. However what comment do you think was most used to describe Sales People?  – Pushy.

Now that is a shame, especially as being persistent is part of being a salesperson. In fact, 80% of […]

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