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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Why Do You Get Told No?

Do You Get Told “No” To Your Sales Proposals?
Back in the Good old days when I used to sell M&E/HVAC/Building Services Maintenance (Yes they were called that back then – now rebadged as FM Services!) I had the great position of working for one of the worlds most Premier Air Conditioning Brands (Carrier).

Back in the […]

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How Many Leads Are You Getting From Your Website?

How Many Leads Are You Getting From Your Website?
I’ll bet that in truth you have got no idea! It’s actually quite incredible the sheer amount of M&E, HVAC and FM Businesses that have spent a small fortune on Building a great looking new website, but haven’t got a clue about how well it’s doing in performing it’s […]

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Make Your M&E or FM Website a Sales Lead Generator

Commercial Building occupiers and FM Businesses will use the Internet for research when it’s time to buy new or upgrade part or all of their M&E, HVAC or Building Services systems. They’re going online to do their own research for answers to their heating and cooling questions more often than relying on an HVAC or FM contractor’s recommendations. […]

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My Customer knows more than me!


I got an email recently from a old Sales Colleague at Carrier which made me think about how the way we used to sell our Building Services and FM Maintenance services. It was especially pertinent as so many Sales methods have changed over the last few years. I thought you might be interested in finding out and […]

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I Can Easily Get Your Email Address


Have you ever wondered how you are getting email spammed by people trying to sell you the “latest fantastic, must have, life changing, money making” crap! It’s endless, irrelevant to my business and it’s annoying.

Most of the time this happens because these unscrupulous businesses are able to buy random lists of names and addresses and […]

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Where are my Sales Leads?


I want to tell you a story. A story that will resonate with many of you – especially if you are a Contractor. But before that (and I’m stating the obvious) here, you will already know that the lifeblood of your Small M&E, Building Services or FM Business is getting new Sales leads – right? […]

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