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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Technology is on the Up


Unless you have been living in a locked cupboard for the last few months, you can’t ignore the speed at which new technology is on the up. In fact it’s now breaking through and impacting on the lives of the humble service technician.

The days of the aforementioned technician turning up at a clients facility to […]

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How do they know?


Have you ever found that after visiting a website – and then subsequently leaving a while afterwards that you then keep seeing adverts elsewhere on the web? How do they know that?

I was recently doing some research for a possible family Holiday location in 2017. Whilst visiting several different websites I narrowed down my search […]

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Customer Website Appointment Booking


With technology invading virtually everything we do, it should come as no surprise that there are a number of simple ways that new and existing customers can get in touch with your Business (without having to call) to book an appointment with you to carry out some work at their Home or Business. These systems […]

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