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Monthly Archives: August 2016

No Exposure In the Trade Mags?


Have you got a Fantastic new Product or Service – but no one knows about it? You aren’t alone. Competition amongst suppliers is rife. Just think about the sheer number and variety of M&E, HVAC or FM Contractors alone who have a great story to tell!

One of the most obvious ways to tell the world […]

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Are You Getting Sales Leads from Your Website?


Do you remember when we first started using the Internet and realised the potential it could have on our Businesses? I remember working in Carrier Service in 1986 when we all received our first personal desktop computers, and we experienced Windows 3.1, The Internet and Email for the first time. Really exciting times! We didn’t realise […]

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Gatekeeper Blocking your Way?


When I first got into HVAC Maintenance sales 32 years ago, my target customers (the Building Manager) used to welcome both cold callers turning up at the office reception, as well as cold calls by phone. In those days it was easy to get an appointment. The reasons were simple. The Building Managers needed to keep […]

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69% of all Internet Traffic to be Video


I’m going to apologise right up front! I’ve been bleating on about the use and application of Videos in the M&E, HVAC and FM arenas for some time now. I’m writing this as it’s far too important for you to not see what is going to happen to your Businesses in 2017. You are going […]

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What on earth is Link Building?

I have to confess that when I first got into the Web Marketing Business around 10 years ago, there were all manner of terms being used that for me were like learning a new language. i.e. Content marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Search marketing to name a few…

Now over time whilst I have now grasped these and what’s […]

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Considering Online Ads?


Are you considering Online Ads to generate some new sales leads? Before you take a leap of faith you really need to read our article below, as there are some plus and minus points as well as the right and wrong way to go about setting up a new campaign.

Many M&E, HVAC or FM Businesses […]

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