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WiFi Secure or not?


We take it for granted wherever we go that WI-FI is always available. In fact you can pretty much travel to any UK town and find a WI-FI network, whether is a Coffee shop, Fast food restaurant, Pub or Hotel, they are everywhere. But with so many business people being mobile is Wi-Fi secure or

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Have you “tuned out”?

Have you “tuned out” from the usual “Noise” made in trade magazines and other online media? Why is that all the FM/M&E/HVAC news is dominated by the usual Multi-million pound suspects? All of the the on/off line trade mags regularly bleat on about – what some consider to be the usual boring run of the

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What’s the IOT fuss all about?













So we are being told that the M&E/HVAC world is going to change forever and at a massively fast pace. Manufacturers are building in the technology into their equipment and straight away.

It can be be confusing when looking at the use and application when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT), with so many products and

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