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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Web Marketing or Traditional ads?



There is a lot to be said for the leaps and bounds made by Internet marketers and how they have helped Home Service Businesses grow. Potential Customers can now check out service providers like never before. Put simply if someone has an idea for an improvement, Google it and you’ll get an answer – all in no time at […]

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Is your Website Generating Sales Leads?

So you are a Specialist in the HVAC/M&E Market. You have a Website that tells your prospective clients what your particular speciality is but is it doing it’s job – is it generating new sales leads or new opportunities?

Like most HVAC Businesses their websites are merely an on-line brochure. telling people what they do, who […]

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Improve Sales Leads by Storytelling

Your’e an HVAC or M&E Contractor or other M&E related business, and like all Businesses you have Competitors. Each Contractor essentially delivers the same type of service. You supply, install, service, repair and maintain HVAC/M&E equipment in your particular area or possible specific expertise.

Have you ever wondered how to set your business apart from the […]

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Are you a Preferred supplier or just a Price Check?

Selling high value speciality HVAC sub-contract products and services to large FM organisations and corporate occupiers, can be one of the most profitable and rewarding activities you can do.

However to do it, you need to learn all about high-level relationship building. The bottom is that ultimately it’s the senior executives in those organisations that make […]

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Things not to do on Linkedin

Construction & Maintenance Contractors always use LinkedIn as a great research tool, and when used correctly LinkedIn can be a goldmine of qualified leads. But as it becomes more widely used plenty of small Businesses are using it incorrectly.
The infographic below from Top Dog Social Media explains LinkedIn etiquette and details 10 things you shouldn’t […]

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Local Contractor Reviews

Do you remember the days (not so long ago) when you needed someone to fix something in your home or Business?

We all used to have the big fat Yellow Pages and the not so fat smaller competitor Thomson Local and we would thumb through the pages of plumbers adverts – or whatever tradesman you needed to […]

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Boring Content Won’t Attract Businesses to your HVAC Blog

Writing and hosting an HVAC blog is pointless if nobody reads it. Worse still is if your potential HVAC customers read it and find it’s lacking in any quality content that is of benefit to them. The simple fact is boring content won’t attract businesses to your HVAC blog. However on the flip side, a blog […]

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