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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Your Potential Customers don’t believe you

Customer reviews have been increasingly used – especially by consumers and businesses to evaluate you and your business as suitable and trustworthy to work in their homes or business. However many businesses make some simple mistakes. More concerning are the number of HVAC and related business that have no review or testimonial strategy at all

Do […]

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Facebook takes on LinkedIn

There is a new “kid on the block!” Shock horror! Who is it?

Well actually it might come as a surprise to many especially those over at LinkedIn. It’s called Facebook at Work. Brilliant I hear the bosses saying! It’s hard enough keeping most of my employees off of Facebook, let alone encourage even more personal […]

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Facebook trials new Professional Services section

New Service helps to find high-rated businesses with reviews too

We have just heard about a new service that Facebook has not officially been launched yet, but looks like it’s coming. It’s a bit under the radar at the moment but looks like it’s on trial in the US. It’s called “Facebook Professional Services” , where […]

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Getting Customer Reviews


Getting Customer Reviews
If you are a local Contractor that deals with Businesses and Home owners in particular,then you probably appreciate that getting customer reviews is absolutely vital to your Business success.

Put yourself in your customers shoes. Would you want someone (that you found on Google) turning up at your home to do some work that […]

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Rubbish Website Content


There’s nothing worse than a contractors website that has very poor or basic content (The words written on each web page). In fact what doesn’t help either is that many contractors websites are very basic with only a few pages i.e. (Home, About, Services, Contact)

Often the “Content” to fill up these pages is provided by […]

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Get More Blog Readers – Top Tips to get People to Read your Blog



Looking for ways to get more blog readers? Want some proven tried and tested techniques that will increase your readership and subscribers at the same time?

Developing and writing great content that your customers want to read is a basic part of running a successful web blog, however unless you have one particularly wll wriiten and […]

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97% of consumers aged 18-34 read online reviews to judge a local business

Following on from BrightLocal’s recent 2015 study into Consumer Purchasing behaviour, they have carried out some further research into whether there is a major difference between older and younger people and what processes they follow before making a decision to buy.

The study is particularly relevant to our clients namely those trade Contractors who work locally […]

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Heating Contractors 90% Order Success

It’s quite remarkable that for the last 8 years (including the recent recession), a London Heating contractors 90% order success rate has been continually achieved. The main reason for this amazing success is the company’s process of involving the customer in understanding what is causing the problems with keeping their home warm.

So imagine what […]

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Useless Google+Local Results


As a local Plumbing Contractor (for example) getting top visibility in Google’s local search results can help you win new local customers.

If you’re a Plumbing website owner who wants to build a local presence, then it’s important you understand how Google displays local results, especially since Google has made yet more changes how Local results […]

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Contractors Need to use Video

Consumers have the power when it comes to researching who they will choose to work in their home and Contractors need to use Video as it’s is now the preferred research tool
There is now undisputed proof that 67% of Consumers will watch an on-line video about “How to” fix, repair, install” things to do with […]

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