The problem

Every HVAC Business whether a Contractor or Equipment Manufacturer/Supplier knows how challenging the market was over the past few years. However at last, the market is picking up and now it’s time to focus on developing your Business. It would be a big mistake however to think that you will automatically get new enquiries because of an improved market.

In fact during the recession years many organisations have become much slicker at procurement and use tenders and procurement portals to buy HVAC services and equipment, meaning you have to be at the forefront of these buyers minds just to get an opportunity to tender, and to even get through the procurement process.

Sub-Contractors (Plumbers, Electricians, A/C Contractors etc.) have always relied heavily on relationships with larger HVAC contractors and FM Businesses for their work, but with many of these having gone bust those relationships no longer exist. You now need a system of writing successful HVAC proposals and tenders.

Have you had the opportunity to get these tenders or had much success in winning these tenders? Are you missing out on HVAC tenders because you don’t know where to look or have the necessary relationships with these businesses?

Your Options

  1. Do nothing, miss out out on sales opportunities and get left behind by your competitors who of course will be active. And being blunt, going forward will your business even survive if you don’t get the required opportunities (that match what you do and where you do it) or can’t respond effectively to bids and tenders?
  2. Carry on as before and win the same amount of business as you currently do.
  3. Take positive action to get these tender opportunities, and understand how to get through to these procurement processes.

What we can do for you

  1. You can download our free document “Winning HVAC Tenders” – which details fully what main HVAC and FM Contractors expect from contractors and suppliers and how you can place your business to win the work.
  2. If you have a team of HVAC estimators/bidders who need to understand more about winning HVAC bids and tenders, you can book an in-house workshop exclusively for your team.
  3. Finally, we offer a complete “Done For You” service where we get your business ready for HVAC Purchasing/Procurement. Call us on 01252 413596 for further details.

What the in-house workshop covers

Bid Management – Understanding and winning in the world of professional procurement

  1. Understand why and who uses Bids, Tenders and Procurement Portals
  2. The difference between RFI, RFP, RFQ, Pre-Qualification and Tenders
  3. The sales relationship and how to be successfully Bid
  4. Bid processes and timelines
  5. Creating a winning Bid
  6. Being prepared for the future
  7. Best Practice Bid Management

Book early – spaces are limited, or let us know if you want to book a group session for your team.

Plus, there are FREE Bonuses to the workshop

Everyone who attends gets:

  1. Free copy of “Winning HVAC Tenders”
  2. A ‘one to one’ meeting with Marketing 4 Contractors to discuss your marketing needs
  3. A month’s free “Done for you” Marketing