Marketing Confusion

The biggest problem with non-specialist General Business web marketing is that it just doesn’t work if you are a speciality niche Business – such as A/C, Refrigeration, Lift/Escalator, Fire, Security etc.

Instead of creating new sales leads and generating business growth, general web marketing agencies and designers are more interested in trying to make your website look good, win design awards and create awareness – of course their web sites can look great but do they convert the web visitor into a sales lead?

Wasting a lot of money on marketing often happens when they are often given poor advice and often companies and businesses tend to try the latest ‘fad’ before finding out how low cost and no-cost marketing can benefit them. These include things like referrals, social media, networking, and joint venture marketing. Put simply many of these General “we do everything” type marketing companies do not pay the bills and are seen as a drain on resources!

All too often, small and micro speciality M&E maintenance businesses often can’t afford to do certain types of marketing.

Such as:

  • Search Engine Optimisation;
  • Google/Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin Paid Advertising;
  • Email Marketing
  • Attending a marketing training workshop.

However the fact is that many of these do work and if that can be proven then you can’t afford NOT to do it.

Here is the perceived problem – MOST MARKETING DOES NOT WORK!

Listed below is how most small M&E maintenance businesses undertake their marketing:

  1. They have never been trained in Sales or Marketing – they typically come from a “Hands on” background.
  2. They don’t have a marketing plan – they didn’t know they needed one!
  3. They have listened to a general marketer who tells them that they should do ‘x’.
  4. They try it out once, it fails and so they stop.
  5. Therefore, they complain that ‘x’ product/service/company does not work in your industry!
  6. They often get advice from another contractor who tells them that ‘y’ is the only way forward and is not in touch with modern day thinking..
  7. They will often trying something else that does not work in the M&E industry.
  8. Following the above the they get fed up about marketing and stop doing it completely.
  9. They rely on one-off works and don’t have a stable and regular client base, relying upon referral, and repeat business.
  10. The marketing that they agreed to do doesn’t get done, or only part of it does – because they are busy “doing the doing”.

Put simply, they waste a significant amount of their hard earned money on piecemeal marketing. So the fact is that you can’t afford to keep wasting your money on ineffective marketing.

If you invested £100 in Paid Advertising and it creates £1,000 worth of business, how often would you do this? Just once? Or, would you rather do it on a regular basis? Similarly would you invest £10,000 per month, so you get £100,000 of business and so on?

So the answer to the problem that small M&E businesses have with marketing is – Get you or one or more of your team properly trained.


Marketing is one of the most important skills required to run a small M&E maintenance business. If you don’t grow your business and you lose a contract your business turnover and your profit will all suffer.

Produce a plan for your marketing, even if it is on one-page!

Have a look at what you are doing in your marketing – if anything and implement it, then improve it.

  1. You need to measure what is working and what is not
  2. Try out different marketing income streams and build multiple approaches to marketing
  3. There is never just one way of doing your marketing, don’t just use a General Business marketing company.
  4. See what you can do to market your business for free using ‘marketing without money’ strategies
  5. Stop utilising the traditional marketing approaches that no longer work and start embracing the future, by becoming effective at internet marketing.