why do you get told no

Do You Get Told “No” To Your Sales Proposals?

Back in the Good old days when I used to sell M&E/HVAC/Building Services Maintenance (Yes they were called that back then – now rebadged as FM Services!) I had the great position of working for one of the worlds most Premier Air Conditioning Brands (Carrier).

Back in the day, it was easy to sell our services and because of our name and the fact that Carrier equipment was installed everywhere! However we couldn’t become complacent and we had plenty of competition. That meant to win an order, we had to make sure that we listened to the clients needs and budget.

This will sound familiar to many Suppliers of M&E/HVAC Equipment & Service related Businesses. So why do you get told no? Why don’t you get the equipment supply order, get specified or win the service contract?

You could argue that it’s the price, but in many cases it’s because you don’t have an alternatively priced product or product offer. i.e. In your Proposal you only offer one type of equipment, or you only offer one type of service contract etc. In essence you haven’t really helped yourself as you don’t give the client any choice in what to choose.

That’s often why you get told no, but (to make matters worse) there is often a pretty good chance you haven’t really taken notice of what the client is really telling you, even though they might really like you and your product. The bottom line is that you missed the point that it’s outside of their price range.

What you actually need is a fallback proposal in case your customer can’t afford what you are offering. That way you don’t lose the sale but you might have to start at a lower price point. This article sums it up quite nicely.

Preparing Sales Proposals can be difficult for many – especially those with no formal Sales or Marketing experience, so why not get them written for you? It’s something we do all day every day and at a competitive price too.

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