Telling a story

Your’e an HVAC or M&E Contractor or other M&E related business, and like all Businesses you have Competitors. Each Contractor essentially delivers the same type of service. You supply, install, service, repair and maintain HVAC/M&E equipment in your particular area or possible specific expertise.

Have you ever wondered how to set your business apart from the your competitors? Well put simply you need to tell them a story. Over the last few years, the use of  slick, narrative type TV commercials  have had a great impact on their audiences and, subsequently, their sales. Put simply you can improve Sales leads through storytelling. But how?

As an example of the power of the story – and particularly this type of approach, one company have really embraced the service. Although not M&E/HVAC related, it’s easy to understand how the process has worked for their client Middleton’s which you can read about in this case study by clicking on the link here

The concept was simple: a physical brochure brought to life through the use of video and a voice-over. Strong Bold graphics, clear price points, an upbeat voice-over and the Middleton Mobility catalogue models demonstrating each product with a smile. The overall impression was this is a place that is friendly, trustworthy and reasonably priced. However through it needed a story to bring it to life.

They used an emotional storytelling approach by following the perspective of an elderly couples daughter who has started to realise that her parents need some extra help getting about. It was a great opportunity to explore situations familiar to many customers through a simple character process: The parents reservations replaced with delight when they see the range of products available for improving their quality of life.

So why does emotional storytelling work so well for promoting a business like Middletons?

To start with, if the potential customer is able to believe in something they can see and relate to then they are able to understand how it can impact their on their life. Promotion is all about persuasion, and the best way of persuading somebody of almost anything is to get them to engage emotionally. There is more detail on this below

TV and Cinema Advertising regularly uses a number of ways to get their ‘convincing’ information to the viewer. – such as Bold pricing, strong statements and often statistics or maybe scientific evidence to emphasise that their product is worth the viewer’s attention. But this this type of approach has it’s limitations.

The days of a loud and brash individual promoting their fantastic bargains have mostly disappeared. Modern audiences expect a little more subtlety. But one thing hasn’t changed. We all love a good story. Because we are social we like to relate to other situations. This can be very powerful. Stories are told every day to influence and educate, from social media to political speeches. Stories about are 22 times more memorable than facts alone because they have the power to relate with the audience on an emotional level.

So, how can this relate to your HVAC/M&E, FM or Construction clients? If your potential customer is going to remember your business/product/service, then you need to create a memorable feeling – something that tells the story.  This example of a before and after testimonial shows clearly who the supplier is and gets their customer to tell the story. 

There is strong evidence that shows that, a consumer’s emotional response has far greater influence on their intent to buy a product than the ad’s content. If you can get the viewer to really relate what you offer to their situation, and like you then you’re on to a winner.

Obviously any video type story needs to deliver the story story without completely abandoning functions and sales messages. Both the Middletons’ and PCL ads use simple storytelling as the framework for conveying a whole brochure’s worth of information in a way that is simple to digest, gets to the point and also fun. That’s why these customers who relate to these stories remember them long after the ad break has finished.

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