Small Business video Marketing


Web Video Marketing for Small Business has been written about many times before, but despite this it’s still hugely underused as a Marketing tactic – especially by Building Services, M&E, HVAC and FM Businesses. But why?

This article looks at some reasons why and explains how easy it is and why you should include Small Business Video Marketing into your overall Marketing system.

To help we also explain the various types of video that Speciality Building Services, HVAC and Facilities Businesses can create.

Lets be brutally Honest! For many HVAC and FM businesses the thought of using web video in their day to day Marketing is never really considered. It’s just too complex, inconvenient, expensive and complicated and the thought of standing in front of a Camera can be pretty daunting – right?

The fact is web video is no longer something you add to your marketing to “make your website look attractive”. It’s actually now a real necessity.

Once you have read this through fully, you’ll see that web video isn’t just an essential part of your marketing process but also an easy one to implement without huge expense or being complicated either, and you don’t have to stand in front of a Camera either!

Before that here are some Video stats:

What are the main reasons why HVAC businesses are reluctant to do video marketing?

These are the most common perceptions:

It’s way too expensive. If you think you need a big budget to hire a professional video production business with expensive lighting, hiring a suitable venue then you probably need to do some more up to date research. These days you can get started with Web Video Marketing quickly and easily and at low cost by using the high quality video of a Smartphone or Digital SLR camera, a tripod, and a microphone, and by employing low cost video editors its now well within the reach of any small business.

It’s a fad. Actually no. Every major search Engine and Software Business are predicting that 80% of all search traffic will  video based by 2020 – that’s in just 3-years time!

We don’t know what to make a video about? Do you make or supply Building Services equipment? Do you install M&E products? Do you service/repair/maintain HVAC equipment? Well you could make “How to” web videos i.e. How to Install/Repair something, a Case Study or testimonial about someone who has benefited from using your product or service, it could be a Company overview or demonstrating a unique product feature and what to consider when selecting something. 

It’s too complicated. 10-years ago maybe. Today its not. If you can take a video with a smartphone or DSLR which addresses common issues your clients have, or you can explain a product feature using simple computer screen recording software that you can narrate and explain something then its actually really simple.

It will Inconvenience my Customers. Not necessarily. In many cases you don’t need to film on their site (albeit that’s best for a case Study or Testimonial). Instead you can use the outside of their Building as a backdrop and get the video editor to use that as a Green Screen (like the weather forecasters do) You or an actor can then use a script to say what the video is about.

So what needs to be done to dispel the misconceptions?

Here are just some types of web video that any small Building services business can easily create.

Video FAQ’s

A video FAQ section helps potential customers get information in advance about your product or services without having to do too much thinking. You can highlight features and you can answer the usual questions that your Customers typically have.

By having FAQ’s in a video format makes it easy for your customers but also boosts your Google SERP ranking and your YouTube presence.

If you already have FAQ’s in a text format, then you can use that as your script to turn it into video.

‘How To’ Video Tutorials

Want to show your customers how to reset their Security system, Diagnose Alarms on their BMS system, switch over main Pumps to stand by? Why not create a short video illustrating all the steps involved?

All you need to do is write a script for the video describing the processes or steps involved – it shouldn’t be very long – with short, simple and easy-to-follow steps and finish it with your contact info and how to call your Help line if they get stuck.

If you don’t want to be in the Video yourself then maybe one of your other employees wouldn’t mind, alternatively you can outsource the whole thing and costs have down hugely meaning these can be produced quickly and easily.

Here is an example below.

Animated Explainer video

Instead of the use of whiteboard there are Animated Explainer Videos to consider. These are basically animated characters that do the job of explaining your product/service. These are a great way of getting around the whole issue of being Camera Shy.

Have a look at this example below.

Whiteboard Videos

If you’re not happy in front of a camera and bale at the thought of getting in front of a Camera then a great option is the use of pens explaining something all over a whiteboard.

Firstly you need to decide the purpose of the Video, your target audience and a simple script, then get it produced for under £75. All you need is the video, your blog and promote it to your social media channels. Once you’ve got your video made you can transcribe the content into text and you’ve got a great blog post.

Have a look at this example.

For those who are camera-shy

Loads of people feel uncomfortable on camera, I get that.

Here are some ways you can create great videos without having to worry about getting your ugly mug on camera!

Video Blog Posts

Just like How-To Video tutorials, Video blog posts is using text to convert into videos.

This is a really great way for your Customers to understand your new Content, that’s because people prefer to watch a short video rather than read loads of text.

However make sure you don’t just read out the blog whole post – it will be too boring and long-winded. Just summarise the key points of the post and tell your customers why they should watch it. That’s all people are interested in and if you can keep their interest then there’s a better chance that they’ll read your whole of you Blog Post right to the end.

Video Slideshows

In these type of videos, you build a video which is made up of photos and/or video clips that are put together as a slideshow, but not just like a basic PowerPoint presentation.

There are plenty of Video Slideshow options available including Slidedeck, Keynote from Apple and Slideshare from LinkedIn as well as PowerPoint

There is a great article detailing some tips about creating Video Slides 

Screen Capture Video

How would you like a peek over someone’s shoulder to watch them working? Screen Capture Videos shows your customers any number of ways to Record your Computer Screen and there are many different types of Video Screen Capture that you can do. i.e.

You can create a Customer FAQs type by answering the usual actual questions asked by customers, and then answering them in the videos.

You can also narrate documents, slides, photos etc as you point out key information.

Or maybe you can demonstrate a technique or show how a software tool works. Or even to talk through the features and benefits of your products and services on your website.

There are some great free screen capture tools like Jing  This helps you capture and record videos easily from your screen and share them with your potential customers.

Meet Our Team

These are a great way to put a human face to your business.

Businesses and consumers alike want to see the people behind the products and services they are considering buying. A well put together meet-the-team video explaining what you do and to whom, can boost your awareness, and increase your brand credibility.

You can have different members of your team explaining different parts of what you do and how you do it, by answering similar questions or responding to different customer concerns. This can result in a series of videos that leaves the audience more glued to your channel.

By identifying different key members of your team, customers get a significantly more personal connection and therefore their trust in your brand increases. 

Video Customer Testimonials and Video Case studies

Probably one of the most powerful ways of using web video is by getting your customers involved to provide a testimonial about your product or service. You could avoid the Camera fright by creating a Case study and asking the customer if they wouldn’t mind writing a before and after scenario about how they have saved money, reduced costs, improved productivity etc.

If you have some clients who know you well you can ask them to provide video testimonials instead of text ones., however that also can be problematic as many also don’t like being put on camera. However they might be happy to narrate a product or service review.

Getting a customer to use their own words without it sounding scripted is way more powerful and more believable


Creating Video isn’t as difficult as it first appears and can be much easier to film and edit that you first think. Despite everything we have written above there is still a need for some to have the whole process done for them. You can start straight away and make 2017 the year you start in video marketing.

We can help with Scripting, Filming, Editing, Whiteboard or Animated videos, Hiring Actors and Location shoots.

Want to have a discussion about your Video Project? We wont bite if you call 0844 884 2370