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The Million Dollar Question – How Much are your Services?

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If you are selling HVAC Products or Installation Services, then there are of 3 traditional routes that you can take from outsourcing traditional Telemarketing, Outsourcing to Industry Specialists to employing Sales/Marketers in-house.

If however you are selling FM, HVAC Maintenance or Repair Services then the Opportunity for Lead Generation is totally different. This is because your target client will be different than selling Products or Installations and the Sales is dependant upon when a contract renews and the different routes to market. (Main FM Contractor, Managing Agent, Landlord, Occupier.)

HVAC Product or Installation Sales

Option 1 – Employing Sales/Marketing Business Developers

For many HVAC, M&E and FM Businesses it would seem natural to recruit and employ your own Sales people.

Here below is what you can expect to pay.

Total £83,000 inc 1st Year Recruitment cost, NI, Holiday, Pension, Car Allowance, Laptop/Phone

If they were selling Products or Installation Services and bring in 60 opportunities/year (5/month) then each one would cost £1,380. 

Option 2 – Outsourced Telemarketing

General Telemarketing companies will charge you a Monthly fee based around the amount of time they work on your project. That will range from £1,500/month for 1/day per week – £4,200/month for 3 days/week or more. If you don’t have a database then you will have to get one! 

We work differently and we guarantee success. Our Services are offered in three options.

Basic Option 1No up front Cost. We contact named individuals that have actual tender opportunities in your Ideal Clients and only charge a flat rate for every new Tender opportunity/meeting that we identify and obtain the tender opportunity for you. You will then have to take over everything from discussing the project, attending meetings, obtaining the tender, pricing, preparing and presenting the proposal. There is a minimum 6-month Contract, and we guarantee some minimum opportunities every month*. There is no set number of days we work to achieve the target.

Option 2No up Front Cost. This is a full service option which includes us attending meetings on your behalf, discussing the project/opportunity with the client in depth specifically related to your Products/Services, obtaining the tender documents, assisting in preparing the tender, then presenting the tender. For this we charge a sliding scale depending on the project size. We guarantee a minimum of 8 new opportunities/month*. There is no set number of days we work to achieve the target.

Up to £10,000 Contract a flat rate of 10% of the final project quoted value.

£10,000 to £50,000 a flat rate of 9% of the final project quoted value.

Above £50,000 a flat rate of 8% of the final project quoted value.

Option 3 – Fixed Day Rate. Instead of paying on results, you can opt for paying us on a fixed day rate instead. You can choose what you want us to do on the days we work. It could be chasing live opportunities (as detailed above), it could be HVAC/FM Maintenance Sales, as well as Marketing – social media, email marketing, SEO, Blog Post writing and promoting, PR, or attending meetings on your behalf. 

Our minimum is 1 day/week and we have a sliding scale of charges depending on how many days/week we work on your account

There is a minimum Contract of 6 Months, and we guarantee a minimum of 8 new opportunities/month* for Product or Installation works. 

HVAC/FM Maintenance Sales

These take longer than product sales as it comes down to timing and procurement types. This can best be done through our Option 3. Fixed day rate above. You simply choose the number of days that suits your Business best. There is a minimum Contract of 6 Months.

Performance Reports

Obviously you want to know what you are getting for your money. Through our web based CRM system you can see the entire activity chain of each and every action. i.e. The Client and Contact info. The number of calls made, emails sent and meetings held and the notes relating to any next actions. The details of the opportunities generated. Type, Location, Value, Sales Pipeline stage (Opportunity identified, Contact made, Tender/Quote Received, Quoted, Proposal Presented, Outcome (Won/Lost/Deferred)

Return on Investment

Obviously you want to see whether the service we offer and the costs is worthwhile to your Business. So put simply whats a new Sales lead worth to you? That of course depends on your average Sales price, your Sales Margin and the long term value you can gain from it.

I.E. if we generate an Installation Contract at a Sales Price of £100,000 and a 20% GM which and has only cost you a small amount for the initial lead and 8% (£8,000) for the full service option, then surely thats good value! You can of course build that cost into your tender price. You could potentially also get a Maintenance contract at the end of the installation too.

Maybe you can build in all or some of our Sales Costs into your pricing? There are many factors to consider but certainly we know that from a ROI perspective its great value for money.

Ready to get started?

For an Initial discussion about your Business and the leads you want to generate get in touch 0800 009 6349 or 01252 413596 or send us an email

* Depending on Industry type

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