SSL – What’s that?

Depending upon your level of Web technology knowledge you will possibly understand what this means. Put simply SSL determines how secure your website is.

SSL encrypts the information sent between your website and a visitor’s browser so that it cannot be intercepted by hackers.

Google wants all websites to run over a secure connection, so much so they’ve even stated it will give your website a Ranking Boost to push your website higher up the search results.

2017 is going to be probably the year that will need to be the most secure for website owners, because Google has released updates to force people to get their website SSL ready. In 2017, Google’s Chrome browser will begin to show warning message as “Not Secure” to all HTTP sites to make the web safer and secure (less hackable) place.

Google has already moved most of their services over to HTTPS encryption technology. Even WordPress has announced that they will no longer promote hosting partners until they provide SSL certificate by default in their accounts.

This sort of forces your hand to do something straight away.

This infographic below shows some really useful information about this.

2017 - The Year of Encryption Everywhere

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