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Commercial Building occupiers and FM Businesses will use the Internet for research when it’s time to buy new or upgrade part or all of their M&E, HVAC or Building Services systems. They’re going online to do their own research for answers to their heating and cooling questions more often than relying on an HVAC or FM contractor’s recommendations. For speciality M&E, HVAC and often full FM companies that want to develop and grow, this change in behaviour must be viewed not as a threat, but as an opportunity.

“To transform your M&E, HVAC or FM Website into a major asset, you have to improve the website content. To do that you must put yourself in the shoes of the customer”

Your speciality M&E, HVAC or FM company’s website should be considered as one of the Businesses most important assets and more importantly as a Sales Lead Generator. Because the shift in focus has now moved in favour of the purchaser, many of these potential customers will use the Internet when making High Value and possibly complex purchasing decisions. You will miss out on any new opportunities – especially if your website is not providing the information that the visitor is looking for.

As yourself this question. If i were a visitor to my website would I find the information that I was looking for, or would I leave and check out a competitor? The fact is you are probably too close to your own businesses to know for sure and you may well need to view it through a customers eyes – but without leading them!

The US Businesses are way ahead of ours in the UK as they are very much consumer led and have a substantial HVAC Homeowner market. However their feature in this post shows what works well no matter whether for Home service contractors or for commercial. You can see that here

The article talks heavily about being able to add/edit your website using whats known as a CMS (Content Management System) but basically that means the ability to make changes quickly and easily to your website.

It’s always been a difficult task thinking about what is important for your website visitors and there is no question that incorporating explainer or product/service overview videos and images into your website content will make a huge difference but be careful they don’t look too amateurish. 

We know that many Business owners or Senior Directors will probably looking at their in-house (or outsourced) specialist to update their websites – but I bet that very few actually use their website as a Sales Lead Generator and just have static outdated content.

No matter whether you are a huge Global FM provider or a small micro business the principles are the same.

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