The main objective for having a great M&E website is to generate more Sales Leads and therefore more business for your niche M&E/HVAC or General M&E Business. The obvious way of course, is to get a higher position with the search engines and then to attract more web visitors to your M&E website. Sounds easy right? Well the fact is it’s rather more complicated.

However, there is something much more important than improving conversions of your M&E website, it’s keeping them on your website and thereby increasing the conversion rate of your niche/specialty M&E business. Very simply, if you have a conversion rate of 1% and you increase it to 2%, you double the performance of your website without trying really hard to attract any new visitors.

This article offers suggestions that you can do today to Improve the conversion of your M&E website.

1: Place Your Offer “Above the Fold”

Website above the fold

The term “above the fold” refers to the content of your M&E website which is visible to the user without them having to scroll down on their browser. This example shows how Amazon does it on their website.

When your potential customers are doing their research to solve their M&E related problem, they’re in a hurry to find what they want and so the less work you make them do in order to see your offer the more likely they are to respond to it. So if the sign-up form on your website or the advertisement for your M&E products/services isn’t already above the fold, moving it to a more visible spot will often increase your conversion rate. Marketing research shows that the upper right-hand corner is the most effective spot for an opt-in offer. Newspapers have done this well for years and this just shows that we are familiar with this process subliminally and come to expect it.

Newspaper above the fold

2: Sell the Customer the End Results, Not your Products and Services

HVAC/M&E Customers don’t buy your products and services, they buy the solutions to their problems which those products and services you offer will produce for them. If the sales copy on your website is bleating on about how fantastic your M&E products and services are, then your conversions are probably going to be minimum at best. 

How often have you seen an M&E Maintenance Contractors website that just shows a bland list of the services they offer? Pretty standard stuff with no significant reason why the visitor should engage with that company.

You need to demonstrate the specific outcome benefits which your customer is going to get from using your M&E product or service, and you must explain that directly in your sales content. Ensure that this outcome demonstrates an emotional benefit which your new potential customer is going to get as a result of buying your product or service. Something like “Imagine how much easier your life will be by making sure that your UPS won’t fail again as a result of installing Widget x”

That tip alone can make a remarkable difference in the conversion rate of your M&E type website and help you to get a lot more value from the traffic which hopefully you’re already attracting.

3: Optimise Your M&E Website’s Load Time

You need to keep M&E Visitors to your Website long enough to see your offers. By using some technology, you can speed up the loading time of your web pages in half. Search engine results reveal that even a small difference in load time can make a 20% difference in the amount of M&E visitors which stay on your M&E website site. Also Google will rank your site higher if the load times can be improved. Therefore, optimising the file sizes of your website and speeding up the load time can have an almost immediate effect on your conversions. This article explains in great detail how to fix your own site 

4: Put Customer Testimonials on display

I cannot emphasise how important Reviews and Customer testimonials are for improving your M&E Customer conversions. If your testimonials aren’t already clearly in view, you can probably increase your conversion rate simply by putting them on the right hand side of your website (this is well proven as the best place where your customers will see them) as soon as they land on your website. Even better, pick a testimonial which includes a picture or even a video and which speaks specifically about the problem which your product or service helped the customer to solve. If you don’t have any then you need to get some, But before you jump head first into doing that, you should read our article about the right (and wrong) ways of how to get them.

5: Add a Special Offer

Have you got a Special offer on your M&E website site for your customers to purchase one or more of your speciality M&E products or services? For example, what can you give your customers for free simply because they decided to download an article, contact you by phone, fill in your lead form or purchase your product? This should be the ”limited time” or “limited supply” type offer.  Once you add this, you can use it to create urgency. Your potential customers won’t put decisions off especially when it’s  in their best interest for them take immediate action on.

By adding an extra premium to your offer and requiring an immediate response in order for the customer to qualify for the premium, you greatly increase their probability of taking immediate action.

The Importance of the User Experience.

One of the top factors Google takes into consideration when ranking your M&E website, is the User Experience: 

So what does that actually mean for M&E Businesses? If Google puts your M&E website on page 1, they want your M&E Customers to find it useful. So to put it into context – assuming you attract customers to your shiny new or flashy website, but when people click through to your website, then they visit your landing page then click away immediately, that’s not good for your speciality M&E business, and therefore Goggle will start to penalise your website and subsequently rank you lower down the search results. In other words it has to have relevancy.

Most M&E business Owners and their SEO Contractors don’t have a clue when it comes to knowing what it is and more importantly how to improve the user experience.  Most General SEO Companies simply decide to build more back-links which isn’t the answer. That isn’t a good strategy for long-term success.

Landing Pages

A quick mention about an M&E websites landing page at this point. The purpose of a landing page is to immediately capture your M&E visitor’s attention with either a great offer or Free gift i.e. (e-book, article, price reduction etc.) however all too often these landing pages simply blabber on and make statements that every other niche M&E business is saying.

i.e. “The Excellent Fire Alarm Company – Simply The Best Fire Alarm Company on the Web!” (Apologies if your company is actually called that!) – I’m sure you can understand how crappy that sounds!

So this article, will look at two brilliant ways to increase conversions and lower bounce rates, through the use of infographics and landing page videos.

The Mass of Text turn off

One of the quickest ways to get a huge number of M&E website visitors to quickly leave your website is to present your new M&E web visitors with a massive amount of text.

Your M&E Website visitors have short attention spans, and want to get to the information they want quickly and easily, they only want information that’s completely relevant to them and their Business. If your M&E customers are searching for something M&E related on Google and when they land on your niche M&E site and get a 3,000 word mass of text, that’s probably going to make them leave.

The exception to this is when you are writing longer, more detailed articles – probably product specific or a technical document, then that’s great for the user experience – but make sure it’s not the first thing a potential customer sees.

Longer detailed content is great once you’ve already gained your M&E visitor’s interest. However if you need to get a point across when a potential M&E customer first visits? With an infographic!


Contractor Reviews Infographic

Infographics like this one above can take long, complex and often boring explanations or facts and compile them into an easy to digest fluid and attractive image. This image still gives the M&E website visitor with the information you want them to see. But instead of boring the pants off them, they capture their attention. It makes them interested to read more.

Everyone likes reading infographics.

Have a look through your website stats and see whether some of your pages have poor “stickability” and if that makes your M&E website visitors leave quickly. That might be a candidate for an Infographic.

Videos Increase Conversions

Silly Face

It’s now a well known fact – video landing pages convert far better than text alone. A simple thing like adding a video to one of your pages, can make a big impact and increase conversions by up to 80%.

However beware that you don’t just stick a blatant “we do this and that” type video or something you might find comical onto your website – it has to be relevant to the specific M&E product or service you’re offering. As mentioned earlier your customers won’t like reading a mass of text, they will prefer an explanatory video over a sales page – Actually some people like to read the words spoken in a video too!

A video on your M&E Product/Service page, captures the M&E visitors attention immediately. If you or one of your team decide to feature in the videos(s), then it actually gives you a creative and interesting way to sell your niche M&E product or service. i.e. You can state statistics, have an infographic that explains what your company does.

The Three Legs of Marketing

To build a strong M&E marketing plan, you have to have a balance between the three “legs” of marketing: Which are:

  • Audience
  • Offer
  • Sales Copy

These three must work together if you want to be successful in making conversions about your niche M&E Business online.

Your M&E Audience

Of these three legs of marketing, your M&E audience is the most important. Let me explain as this will make or break your potential campaign. It’s all very nice that you have a brilliant special offer and the best written sales copy, but if you don’t get that message in front of the right people, they won’t even look at it, because they are the wrong person and it’s not relevant to them. The secret to getting your great M&E offer in front of the right people online is relevancy and specificity.  Here’s a couple of ways to make sure that your target M&E audience meets these requirements:

1.       If everyone is your customer, then no one is your customer

Identify your Audience

If you are too general in the selection of your target M&E audience, you’ll always be up against tons of more savvy M&E competitors who are more focussed and specialised than you are. Be as specific as you can in regard to their title i.e. (Contract manager, MD, Procurement), Responsibility (Influencer, Decision maker), type of customer (Occupier, Main Contractor, Consultant etc) of your M&E target customers and you’ll have a lot more success in connecting with them and making sales. After all if you provide Solar Window film, what’s the point of trying to sell that to a Hotel Catering Manager? You get the point.

2.       Fulfilling a Need, Don’t Try Creating One

If there is no one else offering what you do in your M&E niche – and you don’t seem to have any competition, then there is a good chance that there isn’t a need for your product or service. That then leaves you with a battle of trying to create a need instead of simply fulfilling one. However, having some competition means that there are already people in your M&E niche market buying similar M&E products/services and that’s a good thing. If customers are already buying them you don’t actually need to sell them on the nature/type of product/service you offer, but you have to stand out, and that’s where the strength of your offer comes in.


Your M&E Offer

The second most important leg of your marketing strategy is your M&E Offer. If you have a great offer or promotion and get it in front of the right people, you can start to see some great results. However, many M&E manufacturers, contractors and distributors often confuse the offer with the product/service itself. Your promotional offer is what provides the incentive for your M&E customer to BUY your M&E product/service and find out just how great it is. Even the best M&E product/service will never get a chance to prove its worth, without a great offer.

To create a great promotional offer for your M&E product/service, there are three components:

  • Offer A Guarantee

Your target M&E customers are a lot less likely to risk possible failure on purchasing your niche M&E product/service which they have never tried if their is no comeback. Adding a guarantee assures the customer that they have a way out if they are unhappy with your product, which makes them more likely to buy. Just look at the Apple Business model. If something goes wrong with any of their products, then there is a no quibble guarantee that they will replace anything that is faulty.

  • Create Urgency

No great promotional M&E offer is complete without added urgency. In other words, time limited discounts, limited supplies of the product or added bonuses for buying right now. If you want people to buy from you, then you have to give them a reason to do it straight away. Don’t let the leave either as you can use tools to keep them on your page. We are used to having offers from retailers such as Amazon. There’s no reason why you can do the same with your M&E product/service.

  • Offer Added Value

By offering some Free bonuses can add some extra value to your promotional M&E offer and create the impression that people are getting more for their money. When it comes to free bonuses, it’s hard to have too many and giving away the additional products will always bring you more than enough conversions to make them worthwhile.

Your M&E Sales Copy

Your M&E sales copy is the final leg of your marketing strategy, however it’s no less important. The difference between great sales copy and rubbish sales copy can make a big financial difference. Your M&E Sales Copy has four basic components which you must have:

  • Connection to your M&E Audience

You must know who your target M&E customers are and speak their language, especially in regard to what their hopes and fears are. This will build report and credibility and helps people that you understand them and their Business well enough to help them, especially if it’s something technical. So if you happen to know all about the quirks, problems and work arounds on the Kone Lifts in their building then you are on to a winner!

  • Emotion

Apart from your M&E products/services which fulfil an obvious physical need, your M&E customers make buying decisions based on their emotions. Great M&E related sales copy which engages their emotions is sales copy that will get people to buy from you.

  • Strong Call to Action

If people don’t buy (or at least make a sales enquiry) about your great M&E product/service while they are reading your sales page, then there’s a pretty good chance they never will. So therefore no matter how great your sales copy is, the call to action (or lack of one) will make or break your conversion rate. Your call to action needs to do the following:

  1. Tell your customer what to do next. (Click here, call Now, Buy now) etc.
  2. Remind them why they are doing it (the benefit of your M&E product/service)
  3. Tell them what will happen once they do it.



Using the above points as a check list, analyse your own M&E website and then see which of these changes you can implement immediately to increase your conversion rate. You can easily make these changes over a reasonable short period of time and together they can make a significant difference in your website’s ability to convert visitors into customers. Once you increase your conversion rate, it will make more sense to invest the extra capital towards new traffic generation strategies.

Why not call us today on 01252 413596 to get a free evaluation of your current marketing? You will find our complete “done for you” marketing system takes away the headache of trying to do it yourself. Once we have had our discussion you will come away with a full action plan and objective for generating new sales leads and orders.