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Have you ever wondered how you are getting email spammed by people trying to sell you the “latest fantastic, must have, life changing, money making” crap! It’s endless, irrelevant to my business and it’s annoying.

Most of the time this happens because these unscrupulous businesses are able to buy random lists of names and addresses and then just send out their unsolicited an irrelevant emails, which we all delete immediately. If for instance my Business sells UPS systems, why would I possibly be interested in Victoria’s Secret underwear (Hmmm. well actually maybe I might!) But seriously you get the point.

However email marketing remains one of the best ways to engage with your target customers especially in the B2B world. But did you know that I can easily get your Email Address and without resorting to unscrupulous methods to do it. I found an interesting feature in Search Engine Journal that shows you the legitimate ways to get anyone’s email quickly and easily.

In the M&E world we do want to receive relevant and timely information from suppliers that help us to improve the way we do things, whether faster, quicker ore more efficiently, especially if they are tied in to an actual case study where someone else has benefited. Want we don’t want is self-preaching “we make the best” blah blah. Those instantly get deleted.

Email marketing works well if done properly and is laser focused to your target customer so if you are going to get involved with email marketing then make sure you do your research first and in my experience your M&E, HVAC and FM customers can usually be found on LinkedIn and Twitter. But please be ethical and sensible about who and what you send and make sure it’s relevant. No more underwear ads please!


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