Your Business website needs to be at the centre of your marketing strategy, so getting it wrong can be disastrous, however get it right and it can be a major factor in your business to generate more sales leads.

If you’re current website is under performing, the infographic below from Reach Local shows how you can generate more sales leads with these Website essentials. Its worth considering whether you need to build a new website or revamp your existing one to improve the current level of new opportunities.

7 Website Essentials That Will Generate More Sales and Enquiries


There is a strong chance that you are seriously missing out on generating leads if your site hasn’t been refreshed for a few years and we come across a huge number that were put together as a ‘quick and dirty’ way of getting a web presence. To make matters worse we see that multiple contractors have spent several thousands and still don’t do any form of web marketing, so they wonder why their expensive web site is doing little or nothing.

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