How to really win clients with email marketing

For M&E Contractors, Specialist service providers, Facilities Contractors, Construction contractors and other sub-contractor professionals

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I’m sure you’ve heard about the power of email marketing. How “the money’s in your database”.

And it makes sense too – in theory. Marketing speciality services is all about relationship building. No one will buy speciality Chiller, Lift, Fire Alarm, Consultancy or other or speciality sub-contractor services after their very first contact. You need to build credibility and trust and demonstrate your expertise and authority over time.

Email marketing gives you the chance to build that credibility and trust “en masse”. And without burning expensive face to face contact time.

So if email marketing holds so much promise – how come so few professionals do it well?

The problem is three-fold.

  • Firstly, for many Businesses – email marketing seems technically complex. Full of jargon and seeming to need all sorts of geeky skills to get right.
  • Secondly, all the common examples and training courses on email marketing are focused on selling products via email – not speciality services. They’re all about sell, sell, sell – which just doesn’t work for professional specialist products or services.
  • Finally, most people don’t have an overall strategy for email marketing. they’re given the pieces of the jigsaw but not the picture showing how it all fits together.

But armed with these three elements: an overall strategy, techniques that work for high value services and demystified technology, you can make email marketing work for you.

And that’s what you’ll get in my free Email Marketing Top Tips series.

I’ll show you what email marketing approaches work to win clients for your speciality professional products and services.

I’ll give you an overall strategy for email marketing that’s focused on building credibility and trust and will position you as the “first port of call” when your potential client needs help.

And I’ll walk you through the technology so that you’ll either be able to do it yourself, or will know what to ask your technology person to do.

Very Conveniently the Power Tips come as daily emails – with the occasional link to a brief video.

The emails are quite long – I don’t hold back on the important details – so you’ll need to set aside a few minutes every day to read them (and more importantly to take action).

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