How to Win Business with your Blog

I’ve been blogging regularly for nearly 4 years now and one of the questions I get asked most often by people considering blogging themselves is “is it worth it?”.

In other words, “Can you win business with a Blog?”

Well, not only can you win business with a blog, it’s been the main driver of my business for a couple of years now.

Now when many people think of making money from a blog, they think of showing adverts, or maybe selling products. But for me, as a Construction Industry Marketing specialist, I make the majority of my money from people hiring my services.

Chances are, this will be the case for you too. If you think of how much you’d normally earn from say running a training course, it would be in the thousands. For a small maintenance contract – 5 figures – potentially much more.

You have to sell a huge amount of advertising or products to earn the equivalent.

So for most people reading this – your primary goal for your blog should be to use it to win clients – not to earn money from advertising or products.

How do you win clients through a blog?

Well, think about what a client needs to know and feel before they’re ready to hire you.

1. They have to have a problem that needs solving or goal they need to achieve. And they have to believe it’s worth addressing.

2. They have to believe you fully understand that problem or aspiration.

3. They have to believe you have the capabilities to help them succeed.

4. They have to trust you, and believe they can work with you effectively.

Can a blog help clients with this?

Well, if your blog talks about the problems or aspirations they might have and describes the benefits others have seen from addressing those issues – you’ve ticked box number one.

If your blog shows lots of valuable knowledge and expertise into those problems and aspirations, you’ve ticked box number two.

Write how-to guides, share case studies from your experience, give your very best thinking on client issues and you’ve ticked box number three.

Write informally. Share stories about you and your clients. Use video and audio. Open up and share what’s important to you and some of your successes and failures in the past. Then you’ll tick box number four.

Now this isn’t going to happen overnight. You need traffic to your site. And not just any traffic – you need potential clients looking for the sort of things you’ll be writing.

And you need them to come back. It takes multiple interactions before people believe in your expertise and come to trust you. That’s why I like to encourage people to sign up for regular comunications via my “Insider Strategies” newsletter.

But if you can do all this – then you can win business from a blog.

Lots of business.

The next article looks at how to focus your blog in the right area to win business.

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