david vs goliath

How small M&E Businesses compete on-line with BIG Companies…

The simplest and most obvious way is through Search Engine Optimisation. SEO can be difficult, but it’s not complicated, if it’s done properly.

However you (or your Marketing agency) do need to focus time on it. Furthermore spending hours of hard work on it isn’t every small M&E business owner’s idea of money or time well-spent. However to get results from doing SEO, you have to know and understand what constitutes good results.

To make matters worse, any M&E business that doesn’t spend time on SEO can mean failure for either your e-commerce business, or any traditional M&E business, as internet marketing become more and more important. After all what’s the point of even having a Business website if no one can find you, after all no one is going to look for you past page 2! Putting it bluntly that means if Google isn’t ranking your business well, you might as well not even bother having a website.

It takes time to see the benefits of SEO in small M&E Businesses.

We think there are many misplaced beliefs that you need an expensive monthly SEO programme.

Many M&E clients websites just need a one-off fix – such as meta tags, meta description, title tags, Keyword optimisation etc. Nearly every M&E customers websites all need fixing to some extent, and yes it’s fair to say that when you add or edit a page then they also need optimising too. We charge a fixed amount of £20 per website page to fix all the above on each page of your website.

However before we know just how bad things are we conduct an audit first just to draw a line in the sand and to determine where your site is now vs the big boys! So why do you need an on-going monthly SEO programme?

Naturally an M&E business wants results as soon as the above SEO fixes are completed, and once these fixes have been implemented results will improve dramatically (see client proof below) but it in addition to these instant fixes Google is constantly changing how it ranks websites – You have probably heard of Panda and Penguin updates – Google is always tinkering with how it ranks a website. SEO never finishes – it is a bit like trying to lose weight, you can’t go to the gym for 3 months and then think that’s it, I have lost a stone now, so I don’t need to do that any more! SEO takes time and constant tinkering and updating.

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To compete with BIG M&E Companies, smaller M&E businesses must understand how SEO works.

In an M&E Business here are the top three SEO projects you need to implement.

1. Use Long-Tail Keyword Phrases

In other words the phrase, “Construction marketing advice” works better for us than just “marketing advice”. Be specific and more descriptive for your product or service pages -especially based on what you do in your business. If you have multiple products or services then each one will need optimising. So if your business repairs pumps in Luton then say something like “pump repairs Luton”

2. The Reasons behind the use of Long-Tail Keyword Phrases

If you are a General M&E Maintenance contractor why should you use long-tail keyword phrases instead of something shorter?

Because the big M&E Businesses optimised their sites ages ago for the short-tail keywords i.e. (M&E Maintenance), and your small M&E business won’t be able to compete with them.

Well actually that’s not such a bad thing.

The aforementioned Long-tail keyword phrases reach those customers who know exactly what they want. They know exactly and specifically what they are looking for.

They don’t want just any Fit Out Contractor, they want a ‘Fit Out Contractor in Ascot who specialises in Glazed partitions’.

The much bigger brands focus more often on those short-tail keyword phrases (such as fit out contractor) that pull in high traffic visitors to their sites.

They can do this because they pay large National SEO companies £1,000s every month to keep them at the top of the search engines and because the importance of their brand and sizeable on-line presence.

A smaller Business won’t have the budget and probably the National presence.

3. Develop more of a niche instead of trying to compete with the bigger brands

The objective is to put your niched keyword phrases in as many places as possible, but without over-optimising it. The pages have to readable by a person too, people often think they need to write for Google’s search robots. Google will penalise you for using a keyword phrase so often that it becomes unreadable.


To succeed with SEO, you must make sure that you develop long-tail keyword phrases which have to be unique, descriptive and specific as detailed above.

Furthermore, make sure that you don’t just use those long tail keyword phrase once. They also has to be put in all of the spots where only the search engine robots can read them (i.e. the metadata and image alt text).

When it comes to what your actual customers are reading, be sure you use the industry specific long tail keyword phrases, in a way that is understandable.

Finally remember that good SEO generates traffic over time, it will not happen over night. Make sure to use these aforementioned SEO long tail keyword practices on all your product or service pages, and then your site will begin to make it to the top of Google search queries for those long-tail keywords.

The Bottom Line. Knowing that many people would prefer a “done for you” service why not ask us to fix your website issues. Call today on 01252 413596