Consumer Study

Following on from BrightLocal’s recent 2015 study into Consumer Purchasing behaviour, they have carried out some further research into whether there is a major difference between older and younger people and what processes they follow before making a decision to buy.

The study is particularly relevant to our clients namely those trade Contractors who work locally to install, fix, repair or service Plumbing, Heating, Electrics or Air Conditioning in Homes and Businesses.

It does show that 97% of consumers aged 18-34 read online reviews to judge a local business. That number in itself shows that customers are being ever more careful before selecting who they trust to work on their problem in their home or business. In the UK we tend to use independent review sites such as Checkatrade or Trust a Trader. Even higher numbers apply to the 34-54 age group.

OK you can argue that the study was taken in the US, but in our experience the UK closely follows what happens in the US, so don’t be surprised if those same numbers apply to the UK markets too. You can read the full survey here

Contractors simply can’t argue with these irrefutable facts and the sheer importance that you must place on getting independent reviews completed and get them published everywhere possible.

As we are all consumers of some type in our own private lives, haven’t you ever checked out the best Local Washing Machine repair or Roofing Contractor – or other Trade Business in your local area? Haven’t you checked out their reviews. What’s even more amazing (is the amount that have any at all!)

Also remarkable are the amount of trade businesses that don’t have a website or email address and rely on just a mobile phone to get business! And they wonder why they aren’t busy!

Just look at this listing on Yell for Central Heating Services in Scunthorpe. I’m sure you agree. Pretty pathetic!


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