The future of the web is video


I’m going to apologise right up front! I’ve been bleating on about the use and application of Videos in the M&E, HVAC and FM arenas for some time now. I’m writing this as it’s far too important for you to not see what is going to happen to your Businesses in 2017. You are going to have to invest in Video ASAP! Especially as 69% of all Internet Traffic to be Video.

Now whilst I appreciate that this isn’t some earth shattering giant meteorite that is going to destroy the world! but it is important enough for M&E, HVAC and FM (or indeed any business) to understand the shift in people searching for information on products, services, “how to’s” and business testimonials, recommendations etc.

To put this into context, video is predicted to be used in all search engine traffic by 69% in 2017. So to put that into layman’s terms that means unless you have some form of video on your website, then the likelihood of you appearing anywhere near Page 1 on the search engines is only about 30%, even with the best SEO techniques.

 This article demonstrates the great number of ways that Video can be used across a wide variety of Platforms. Whilst many of these are unsuitable in the M&E, HVAC or FM World, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out the application to their own products/service. However just making a video isn’t going to do much for you until you tell the search engines what the video is about.

In other words it will need to be marketed. Apart from the most common video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, they will also need to be optimised for the search engines. So if someone is searching for “things to consider when servicing a Chlorine Generator” as long as you have created a video about that and made it plainly clear in the title of the video and the description then it will get found, and your business will be ahead of your competitors.

This previous post explaining why contractors need to use video goes into more detail,

Not all of the social media platforms will be suitable for HVAC type businesses. Snapchat and Instagram to name a few. These are squarely aimed at B2C type businesses.

Bottom line, you are going to need to invest in Web Video in some format in the very near future before you get left behind your competition.

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