An Integrated Content Marketing Strategy is the surest step to success.

If you enjoyed our chat with Dave Chaffey from Smart Insights on steps to content marketing success, you might also enjoy this infographic from Smart Insights.

The research which went in to producing this infographic is taken from surveying 2,688 marketers based in Europe. Overall it forms a guide to content marketing success, but I want to focus on the 32.3% of companies who have managed to create an integrated content marketing strategy (that’s the stat in step two for those of you who are too busy to go searching for it).

See below for a breakdown…



The main point to be inferred from this particular graph is that the majority of companies haven’t developed a content marketing strategy – which is a little alarming. What’s more alarming is that it’s 56% of those who had indicated that they are actually carrying content marketing (not 56% of the whole).

A further 11.7% are doing slightly better with a content marketing strategy in place, albeit not yet integrated, which leaves the 32.3% who have managed to achieve an integrated content marketing strategy.

The Smart Insights infographic stresses the benefits of the completely integrated content marketing strategy; establishing where investment is needed, convincing the business to invest, setting goals and tracking and aligning with business goals. As a content producer I’d add the benefit of giving direction to your content minds, nothing spurs on internal effort than a visible goal.


Which leaves me thinking about that 56% who are throwing effort into content marketing without a full plan in place (much like many businesses did when social media suddenly became a ‘thing’).

As the phrase ‘content marketing’ has risen up in conference agendas (and, to get all meta, in articles just like this one all over the Internet) are we witnessing the rise of the ‘we need to do content marketing’ management directives which haven’t been properly thought out?